Perfect Activities For Children With ADHD

Having ADHD children around means one have to understand the nature of an ADHD patient. Being having to sit all day in the classroom is like being sitting in a torture chamber. It is understandable to let ADHD child to let off some steam after school is over, let them go out and play.

ADHD Stats

There are several activities recommended for an ADHD child, which includes:

Uniformed unit. E.g. Scout, Girls Guide, Red Crescent etc.

Joining after school curricular such as this will help them to focus, high physical stimulation and at the same time having fun. Various learning styles, constant peer communication, close adult supervision and competition makes this activity the most fun and suitable for ADHD children.

Sports and Games


Team sports encourage children with ADHD to discover social skill by working in a group. These kinds of activities provide team involvement and highly physical energy thus making it a great competitive activity but make sure the sports interest them.

Puzzles and Building Blocks

By letting them explore their ability and creativity, this will make them more focus. Most of ADHD children are known to love solving puzzles and quizzes. This will at the same time encourage and motive them to work things into completion.


Another physical activity that requires high energy burning. The fun, concentration and physical effort of swimming aspect will encourage self-confidence and opportunity to excel through competition for ADHD children.

Art, Dance and Music Classes

Many ADHD are known to be good in arts and music despite their weakness in academic learning. Through art, dance and music classes, it can help the children to express themselves freely.

Outdoor Activities in the Wilderness

Going for a camping, biking, hiking or wall climbing would be great activities for children with ADHD. Besides letting them sweat and have fun, outdoor activities such as this give them good nature appreciating education.

Exercise and Gymnasium

Bringing them for exercise in the park or indoor at the gymnasium at least three times a week will help them keep up with a good healthy life, manage weight at the same time help them handling their nervousness by regulating blood flow to their brain.

However, not all activities are suitable in handling ADHD children, some activities might have to be limited or restricted because they can bring harm and not help them. Among these activities are:

Too much television

Study shows that watching television makes the brain stays in a sleeping condition most of the times thus this is not a good thing for an ADHD child. Nothing gained and learns through excessive television watching. Furthermore, by watching too much of violence and advertisements in the television making ADHD child prone to hurt themselves.

Video Games

Call of Duty

Although it sounds fun and exciting but in fact it actually reduces the baseline brain activity of an ADHD child. The well-being of the child is compensated through how well they do in the game and this resulting in them having a hard time switching off from the game. Try to limit their time spending on video games and if possible try to limit their gaming friends as well.

Long Hours Game

ADHD children just don’t have that kind of patience to wait and succeed in this kind of game. These kinds of games need special attention just to make them focus. Avoid them at all costs.

Summer Classes

Long period of school sessions and taking away their holidays will make the symptom worse. Instead of asking them to join summer classes, let them go for a paying job or summer camps are rather a good consideration.

Food intake

Take attention to the diets of an ADHD children, instead of giving them high sugar foods like soda, cookies, cakes and sweets, it is better to give them high protein diet like cheese and meat to help them burst their energy when doing physical oriented activities.

ADHD activities that are well planned out will offer improved behavior and concentration while keeping it a regular part of a routine. Keep these things in mind when considering the best activities for ADHD children. Through a study at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana, Tony Mahon of the university’s Human Performance Laboratory found that the medicine ADD ADHD children take does not interfere with their capacity to exercise. So, while considering activities to the children do make sure that they didn’t forget their regular medications.

Source by Chin Siang Tan

Author: TwoDo

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